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When I founded The Ezzell Group, PLLC, it was my goal to zealously advocate for my client’s outcomes beyond the courtroom. I understand that family law issues bring a great deal of emotional turmoil and uncertainty, and my role as your attorney is to ease that burden. I work tenaciously to preserve the strength of your parent-child relationship, which is often at the heart of family law disputes. Because I know that questions and concerns can arise at any time, I work determinedly on your case and attempt to quickly respond to your needs throughout the process.

Family Law


Child Custody

Providing Compassionate Representation Through Difficult Challenges

Family law concerns are some of the most difficult and painful legal issues you can face. These disputes are often emotionally taxing, especially when they involve your children. Even though you may feel isolated and alone, you do not have to face these conflicts without the assistance of an experienced family law advocate. I am here to help you. I have assisted thousands of people just like you in finding ways through rough legal challenges just like yours, and I am ready to guide you through this difficult time as well.

At my office, I want you to feel the difference in the type of advocacy I provide. I will be with you at every step of your journey, fiercely advocating for you. I will communicate with you, and you will always have access to ask me about your case.

I help people throughout Austin and Travis County make it through their sensitive family issues.

Helping You Navigate The Challenges Of Divorce And Child Custody

There are few things more complicated than untangling two lives that have been legally joined together. Divorcing your spouse can be a difficult process when neither of you can agree on the goals for the separation, which can result in contentious and bitter litigation. This is especially true when you have children and do not agree on the custody arrangements.

I know how to help you through these situations. I will seek to reduce conflict and encourage compromise so that you can have a more peaceful dissolution of your marriage. My experience in child custody disputes is also a resource that you can leverage, especially the work I have done with Child Protective Services (CPS). Regardless of what your situation is, when you choose to work with me, I will strive to find a solution to your problems.

Let Me Be Your Ally And Guide In This Difficult Time

Ehren Stuart Ezzell

Ehren Stuart Ezzell